Digital Humanities Now

Digital Humanities Now is PressForward’s flagship publication which seeks to curate and publish scholarly literature such as white papers and grant reports that otherwise may not have had a venue for publication. Using the PressForward plugin and relying on a community of volunteer editors, DHNow has sought to encourage scholars to share their research and learned expertise on the open web. DHNow had developed methodologies and technologies to facilitate the aggregation and curation of gray literature-scholarly work (white papers, presentations, research reports, essays etc.) that may not otherwise have a formal venue for publication.

As the Managing Editor of Digital Humanities Now, I helped to transition the journal into a self-sustaining model of open scholarship and publication on the web by revamping the website’s design and building backend user management software and systems to help the publication manage its growing body of editors and reduce the institutional overhead required to run the journal. While the publication has largely shut down and has been replaced with newer journals in the field, it functioned for more than a decade as the flagship publication for gray literature in the Digital Humanities.