Text Analysis with Voyant Tools

A Workshop at the University of California, Riverside

Using Voyant

Uploading Data to Voyant

Voyant offers several ways to upload text. You can upload individual text files from your computer, past lines into the box provided, or upload a zip file of many files. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file of data we can simply upload it to Voyant. To upload the file:

  • Select Upload from the Voyant Tools Homepage
  • Navigate to the location where the file is saved on your computer. (Likely the downloads folder).
  • Once you’ve selected the file, click open and Voyant will upload the file and direct you to the dashboard. This may take a few minutes since this is a very large corpus of documents.

Exploring the “Default Skin”

After uploading the corpus, you will be redirected to what Voyant calls the “default skin”, or, the default configuration of tools. To understand the many options, tools, and settings available in Voyant see the documentation.