Diet & the 1920s Reducing Craze

About this Project

This site is the final project for Clio Wired II at George Mason University. Students in the PhD program at George Mason University are required to take a sequence of two digital history courses known as Clio Wired I and II. The first semester of Clio Wired focuses on the theory of and debates in the field of digital history. This is the final project for the second half of Clio Wired, which focuses on Creating History in New Media. Over the course of this semester we have learned the basics of design and visual communication.

My digital design portfolio for Clio II can be viewed here.

About the Author

I am a first year PhD student and Digital History Fellow at George Mason University. I recieved my masters degree in History from California State University San Marcos in 2013. My research is focused on women's physical culture in the United States and ideas about the body from 1880 to 1940.

My masters thesis was titled "Madame Sylvia of Hollywod and Physical Culture, 1920-1940". It looked at Sylvia Ullback who was beauty expert to the stars in the 1920s and a columnist on beauty and physical culture for Photoplay magazine in the 1930s. She wrote several best selling books and was the authority on women's beauty during the Great Depression. The thesis examines the connection between Hollywood and physical culture as well as the shifts in ideas about the female body from 1920-1940.