This summer I’ll be completing a readings course for my Digital History minor field with Stephen Robertson. The course will cover Digital History in both Theory and Practice. You can view the proposed abstract and bibliography for this course here. In addition to a traditional readings course, I felt it was important to not only understand the major debates in the field but also to learn practical skills that will aid me as I move toward the dissertation stage.

I still have a few small changes to make but for the most part my final project for Clio II is finished. I’d like to go back and add a few more primary sources and I still need to fix the gallery of reducing advertisements. Also, the footnotes have mysteriously gone missing on one of my pages so I need to fix that too. I’ll get to those things over the next day or so, but in the meantime you can view it here.

Final Project Design

I’ve been thinking about the final project and trying to make some decisions about design so that I can finish coding the basics of the site over the next week or so. I’ve decided to do the website on the «Reducing Craze» of 1920. It’ll look at the American Medical Association’s condemnation of quackery in 1927 and the rejection of what was deemed «Reduceosanity». For fonts I’ve decided on several google fonts that I’ll layer to create a 1920s feel.

Image Assignment

I’m all finished with my image assignment. As I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks I used some images from a scrapbook I scanned a few years ago. The images were pretty damaged since they were glued into the scrapbook and were often yellowed and wrinkled. This created quite the challenge for restoration but I think they turned out pretty good or at least far better than they were.

I’ve been slowly making progress on my image assignment. One of the things I’ve been attempting to do is to restore some images that were part of a scrapbook I scanned while I was working on my masters. The scrapbook contained magazine and newspaper clippings that were glued onto pages and tied together with some twine. Unfortunately, after being stored in a closet for seventy plus years the pages are crumbling, the photos are yellowed, and most of the photos have some odd crease in them likely from the glue that was used.