Digital Humanities Portfolio

Throughout my graduate career at George Mason, I have been active in the digital humanities community. My digital humanities work is reflective of my commitment to using digital technology to highlight diverse voices and promote the reevaluation of research methodologies, pedagogical approaches, and scholarly infrastructure.

Over the course of my graduate career I have dedicated time to learning digital history tools and techniques--such as text analysis, databases, and mapping—as well as relevant programming languages such as R, Python, JavaScript, and PHP. I am also fluent in basic web design principals and languages including HTML, CSS, as well as basic server management.

Below is a compilation of some of my digital humanities work which includes major projects at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, numerous visualizations that I've built, course projects, and several examples of Digital Humanities Projects where I have tackled the project's website design and functionality. Click each image below to see a link and description of the project. To see how I've incorporated digital technology in my courses and teaching see my teaching page.