This site is the home page for Amanda Regan's work in History 697: Creating History and New Media at Geroge Mason University. Over the course of this semester I will be adding several assignments that demonstrate an understanding of webdesign, typography, and design for historical websites.

About Clio Wired

Students in the PhD program at George Mason University are required to take a sequence of two digital history courses known as Clio Wired I and II. The first semester of Clio Wired focuses on the theory of and debates in the field of digital history. This website is the homepage for the second half of Clio Wired, which focuses on Creating History in New Media. Over the course of this semester we will learn the basics of design and visual communication. Knowing the basics of design are a fundamental cornerstone of digital history and this site will demonstrate my understanding of basic design principals for the web.

While this portfolio is mainly about web design, the content is equally important. The content on my final project and some of the projects in between will focus on my historical interests, mainly the history of women's physical culture between 1880 and 1950.