Mapping Gymnasiums in Boston

Gymnasium Class Attendence

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Age of Residents

Nativity of Residents

About this visualization

This visualization was built for History 698: Programming for Historians with Lincoln Mullen at George Mason University. The map and corresponding charts above display information about the location of gymnasiums in Boston between 1914 and 1924. Private gymnasiums are reprensted by the dark blue dots on the maps while public gymnasiums are displayed in teal. The size of the public gymnasium dates corresponds to the total attendence in a particular year and clicking on the dot will display inforamtion about the various classes offered at the gymnasium. Clicking on a gymnasiums will also display information from the census about the ward where that gymnasium was located. I have written a longer blog post about how this visualization was constructed, the sources used to generate the data, and some general conclusions about Gymnasiums in Boston. Another blog post that provides a tutorial based on my attempts to create a shapefile for D3 using a historic map will be available on my blog soon.