Readings Course on Digital History in Theory and Practice

· by admin

This summer I’ll be completing a readings course for my Digital History minor field with Stephen Robertson.  The course will cover Digital History in both Theory and Practice.

You can view the proposed abstract and bibliography for this course here.  In addition to a traditional readings course, I felt it was important to not only understand the major debates in the field but also to learn practical skills that will aid me as I move toward the dissertation stage.  The practical skills will be achieved by incorporating Clio III: Programming for Historians into the minor field.  I’ll be taking that course in fall 2014 with Lincoln Mullen.

Topics covered in the readings course will include:

  1. Digital Humanities: Definitions and Debates

  2. Perspectives on New Media

  3. Changing Theories of History

  4. Topic Modeling and Visualization

  5. Space

  6. Networks and Crowds