Final Project Design

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I’ve been thinking about the final project and trying to make some decisions about design so that I can finish coding the basics of the site over the next week or so.  I’ve decided to do the website on the «Reducing Craze» of 1920.  It’ll look at the American Medical Association’s condemnation of quackery in 1927 and the rejection of what was deemed «Reduceosanity».

For fonts I’ve decided on several google fonts that I’ll layer to create a 1920s feel.  Federo has an art deco feel and I think will look good blown up really big.  I’m thinking about putting a slight shadow on the h1 to make it pop on the textured background I have in mind.  The second font, is Buda which I am going to use for the navigation and possibly for blockquotes and pull quotes too.  Finally, the body font is going to be Lato because I think it’ll work nicely with the other too.

[caption id=«attachment_659» align=«aligncenter» width=«300»]Fonts for the final project Fonts for the final project[/caption]

For colors I’ve chosen a light blue color and a bright orange.  The light blue will be the background color while the orange will be used for the headings and possibly some other small elements within the text.  I’ll put a light grey background on the text as well so that it is readable.  I might bring in some shades of these colors if I decide to add an interactive graph to show the rise and decline of reduceomania.  I’m still playing with the javascript libraries I would use for that and haven’t made up my mind.

[caption id=«attachment_661» align=«aligncenter» width=«149»]Background Texture Background Texture[/caption]

[caption id=«attachment_660» align=«aligncenter» width=«300»]Colors Scheme for the Final Project Colors Scheme for the Final Project[/caption]

One of the things I really want to attempt to do with this site is to make it responsive.  I’m hoping to use something like Foundation, Adapt.js (its made by the same people who created 960), or Gumby.  Tablets and mobile are increasingly becoming the way that websites are accessed and I think its important that my site be useable on any device.

Any thoughts or suggestions about the design would be great!

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