Clio I--Introduction and RSS Feeds

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I’ll be using this website as my blog for Clio I this fall at George Mason University.

I am a PhD student and Digital History Fellow at George Mason University. My research interest is primarily U.S. Women’s history with a particular focus on physical culture and beauty in the early twentieth century as well as Digital History.  As part of the Digital History Fellowship I will be working in the Center for History and Media at GMU for the next few years.

I earned my Bachelors and Masters degree at California State University, San Marcos.  My masters thesis was titled“Madame Sylvia of Hollywood and Physical Culture, 1920-1940.” It examines the changing nature of women’s physical and beauty culture by looking at one columnist, Sylvia Ullback, who wrote for _Photoplay_ magazine in the twenties and thirties.

Here are the RSS feeds I have added to feedly:

The Signal: Digital Preservation

Historiann: History and sexual politics, 1492 to the present

Women’s History News Network

Past Imperfect

Revolutionary Moments